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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bernice on Norton Bonaparte and the Trayvon Martin tragedy.. Maria: District's 'special' meetings shortchange public.. Olddoc on Jerry not to be missed.. Rebecca celebrates dancer Janet Collins..

Muhlenberg Proposal:  "Plainfield neighborhood up in arms over hospital redevelopment"
duCret Art School:  "Exhibit and sale to celebrate duCret's 85th"
'Pink Slime':  "Wegmans, Aldi will stop selling ground beef with additive"

Abel Prize:  "Rutgers prof wins $1M prize, the "Nobel of mathematics'"
Newark:  "Teachers and staff protest having to reapply for jobs at one school" -- 'Renewal' process...
Rahway:  "Grave of unknown murder victim at center of cemetery tour" -- Museum volunteers will depict departed Rahwayans.
Trenton:  "Judge order city to pay $684K for breach of contract"

Corzine:  "Corzine ordered MF Global funds moved, memo says" -- Ledger | NYTimes |
Medical Marijuana:  "Program boss: Christie's delay is sabotage"
Tom Moran:  "In a war of wills, court nominee Kwon was a casualty"
Pension Funds:  "NJ pension funds rise 6.3% before 2012 payouts"

Politifax Truth-o-Meter: True, False, or other...? (The national factfinding service is now in the Ledger)
"Is Speaker Oiver right that NJ has the 'most educated' residents in the US?"
Etch A Sketch:  "Thanks to politics, classic toy is drawing a lot of attention"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice on our Norton Bonaparte being at the center of the Trayvon Martin murder in Florida.  Olddoc on Jerry should not be missed; plus an American Heritage illustration. Maria on the Board's proclivity for special meetings and how the public is shortchanged. Rebecca, at Bathrobe Blogger, celebrates dancer Janet Collins.

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