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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maria finds the District's artificial turf installation may take longer than planned.. Bernice takes a mental health day.. Olddoc is writeless.. Rebecca celebrates Pearl Bailey..

Attempted Robbery:  "Plainfield man turns tables on would-be robber" -- If you know your Plainfield streets, is something confusing about the street locations mentioned in the first paragraph?
Hospitals --

Payne's Congressional Seat --
Woodbridge:  "Woodbridge police face another excessive force claim"

Christie:  "Christie makes plea for Springsteen to play Labor Day at casino"
Corzine & MF Global:  "Taking the fall at MF Global" | "Ex-official felt concern over risk to customer funds"
Turnpike:  "Digital billboards, refinancing boost Turnpike's bottom line"
US Supremes:  "Arguments on health law continue; hints of jeopardy" -- The Solicitor General is said not to be up to the task.

RECENT POSTS: Bernice takes a mental health day, gives tips on bagworms and possible shots fired in her driveway. Olddoc is writeless today. Maria finds the District's artificial turf may take longer than thought to install. Rebecca, at Bathrobe Blogger, celebrates Pearl Bailey.

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