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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mapp and Williams on Tuesday's Muhlenberg meeting.. Bernice, Olddoc and Maria were all at PMUA report.. as were Mapp, Storch, Williams and McWilliams...expect some reportage..

Jayson Williams:  "Williams could be released from prison after serving time in two states"
Post Offices:  "Residents head to DC in hopes of saving local post office"

Branch Brook Park:  "Warm winter coaxes early blossom for Newark's cherry trees"
Delbarton School:  "Sexual abuse lawsuit planned against two former monks"
Lincoln Tunnel:  "Helix to get $88M makeover"
Roselle:  "Hundreds turn out to support ending gang violence"

Corruption:  "Report: NJ has lowest corruption risk of any state"

Poll:  "Majority of NJ women support Obama, Christie"

Politifax Truth-o-Meter: True, False, or other...? (The national factfinding service is now in the Ledger)
"Did Christie's property tax rebates lead to a 20% property tax hike?"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice reminds all that the task force report alone is not a cure.  Olddoc not a happy camper with the March Madness. Maria was at the PMUA meeting. Rebecca, at Bathrobe Blogger, celebrates Arthur Mitchell. Councilor Mapp, at Mapping It Out, points out some of the issues involved in the Muhlenberg development proposal, airing tonight at Cedarbrook School. Councilor Williams, at And My Point Is. also discusses the issues tonight in the Muhlenberg proposal this evening at Cedarbrook.

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