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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bernice, Olddoc and Maria report on PMUA Task Force from different vantage points.. Councilors Mapp and Williams on Muhlenberg plan meeting at Cedarbrook School.. Rebecca celebrates Dizzie Gillespie..

PMUA Task Force:  "Officials clamor for dissolution of PMUA after report is issued"
DPW Director:  "Plainfield DPW director passes on chance to be Trenton administrator"
Hospital Performance:  "Area hospitals fare well in annual review" -- Courier | NJSpotlight |
Urban District Scholarships:  "Plainfield students eligible for new scholarship program"

Copper Thefts:  "Copper gutters stolen from Hoboken church"
Hospitals:  "Auction to select new owner for Jersey City's Christ Hospital reconvenes"
NJT:  "NJ Transit paid $4 million for unused sick and vacation time in 2011"
Trenton:  "Candidates on deck to fill two top positions"
Union County Freeholders:  "Where the county's EZPass transponders spend weekends and holidays" -- More fun from CountyWatchers.

RECENT POSTS: Bernice notes the PMUA study sparks a call for dissolution, welcomes Dan back to the blogpack, and find another sign of spring.  Olddoc has two posts on the PMUA: the damning study by the Task Force and further thoughts about dissolution (and the agency's beginnings). Maria focuses on the fear of some about returning to Plainfield's trashy past. Councilor Mapp, at Mapping It Out, points out some of the issues involved in the Muhlenberg development proposal, aired Tuesday evening at Cedarbrook School. Councilor Williams, at And My Point Is. discusses the issues in the Muhlenberg proposal aired Tuesday at Cedarbrook. Rebecca, at Bathrobe Blogger, celebrates Dizzie Gillespie (get those sox!).

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